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Want to find a place where the Indian Culture is stronger than ever?  Want to find a place where the cloth is full of color and the air is full of flavor?  Are you looking for a place to pray, practice yoga or shop for your favorite ingredients?  Visit Little India off Black Mountain Road today, and feel close to home.

Phone: 858.271.6701

9474 Black Mountain Road
San Diego, CA

Authentic Taste

Here, in Little India, you will find Indian spices and smell its uses, feel its history, and have direct access to exporters of cardamom, ginger, cassia, greater galanga, chilly, kokum, cinnamon, nutmeg: clove, pepper, coffee, tamarind, curry leaf, tea, cashew, turmeric, and vanilla .  Taste authentic foods at our many restaurants, or buy directly from the bazaar and make your own traditional dishes.

Place for Business

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Little India San DiegoLittle India SD is, as the name promises, is the center for the everything in San Diego.Little India SD retains its distinct identity by offering an array of restaurants, shops, and services. A bit of India in Southern California is how we like to think about it. Whether you have been to india or if you are interested in Indian culture you will not be disappointed. Buy some clothes, visit the temple, drink some chai, do yoga, then buy some groceries. Everything here is about the experience. Pay us a visit and you will be back sooner than later.

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